Children and Psychics Abilities – How to Respond as a Concerned Parent (Psychic Phenomena Paper) (Kindle Edition)

Children and Psychics Abilities - How to Respond as a Concerned Parent (Psychic Phenomena Paper)
This ePaper, written by Metaphysicist and Bestselling Author Dr. Theresa M. Kelly answers the many difficult to ask questions regarding child and teen psychics. She explains in detail how to address youth psychic abilities and how to respond towards the gifted child as a concerned parent. She mentions the social-psychological impacts on children and how to avoid social, educational and psychological conflicts. She also provides a simple how-to for parents dealing with their child’s out-of-control psychic ability. This very informative paper is written for the parents of gifted children who are uncertain where to turn for answers. She addresses both parents who want to nurture their child’s stable ability and parents who want to promote suppression of an unstable ability until a later age. Dr. Kelly has been a Metaphysical Counselor for over ten years and has worked with many youth psychics with stable and unstable abilities.Contents* Suppressing Psychic Abilities as a Child* Suppressing an Out-of-Control Psychic Ability* Suppressing a Psychic Ability Due to a Fear of Persecution* Suppressing a Psychic Ability Due to a Fear of the Unknown* Side Effects of Suppression* Steps to Address a Psychic Ability* Preparing a Child for Adult Psychic EventsStandard Pages: 9

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  1. I was born in 1955 and have had a Spirit Guide with me for as long as I can remember. My spirit guide has kept me from harms way, including molestation at 4 years old. Of cource I didn’t realize how long he had been with me until I looked back on my life. Who at 4 1\2 knows enough to accept the offer of an orange so an older boy can look up your dress. Who at that age would have enough common sense to go tell someone so that they could catch him with the orange as proof to a story, who also at 11 told 3 boys that they were going to die if they kept jumping into the soft earth of the cliff. 2 of those 3 boys died that day and I have had many experiences like that through out my years.
    My Spirit Guide will also not allow me to leave anyone in distress, I have to stay to help no matter what. I’ve also predicted births, deaths, and even plane crashes. I’ve asked my relations if any of them are like me but no one will admit it if they are.
    I have come to realize that it is a gift from GOD and that I am here to help and Guide people in any way I can. I don’t really get into the spiritual end with my friends because they think I’m strange already, and I have even had people call me a WITCH because I knew things I should not know about them.
    Being an old Soul at this time in history is very scary as I see Revelations spewing forth the knowledge of our own destruction, which man chooses to ignore. God Bless those of us that share our special gifts from above.

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