7. – The Chakras And The Bodies

The human soul is connected to more than just the material body. In fact, the human being consist of seven bodies.

  1. The most obvious body is the material body, that is on the lowest vibrational level.
  2. The ethereal body is on the next higher vibrational level. It bridges the connection of the material body to the higher bodies and helps with the control of the material body, as it maintains the energy level of all parts of the material body. Disharmonies of the material body are mirrored in the ethereal. The ethereal body is very similar to the material body in size and shape and extends only a few fractions of an inch (a few millimeters) outside the skin of the material body. For most people, this body is invisible, while some can see this body as a slight light around the material body.
  3. The third body of the human being is the emotional body. It’s vibrational level is similar to feelings. It reaches several inches, up to about two feet (20 to 50 centimeters), outside the material body. Also this body is invisible to most people, as its vibrational level is far outside the spectrum the human eyes can see. This body and all higher bodies can however be seen with the third eye*, but it usually requires a lot of practice.
  4. The “lower” mental body is on the fourth level. This is the vibrational level of thoughts and ego.
  5. The “higher” mental body is on the fifth level. On its level we find consciousness, ideas and the intellect. The third, fourth and fifth bodies are the ones that primarily do the processing of the experiences that we make through the use of our material body.
  6. The intuitive body is on the sixth level. As the name says, here we are on the level of intuition.
  7. The seventh body is universal consciousness and is frequently called the causal body. Together with the intuitive body it forms the higher self and the permanent soul. The causal body reflects all experiences and events that the soul has ever had. The universal consciousness includes the unlimited possibilities and is the link to God – it is not just a link, but a pure part of God within us. It forms the unity of the soul and testifies of the endlessness of space and time in which the soul exists. Hence, there is no real “limit” to the dimension of this body – it extends outward indefinitely. The drawing below, showing a boundary of the seventh body, merely symbolizes the denser, focused area of the seventh body.

seven bodies
A sketch of the approximate dimensions of the seven bodies
(size inaccurate and may vary)
___ = physical body
___ = ethereal body
___ = emotional body
___ = “lower” mental body
___ = “higher” mental body
___ = intuitive body
___ = causal body
To allow the harmonic functioning of all these different bodies, and to allow the soul a temporary bonding with the material body, they are connected through seven energy centers, the chakras. The chakras are lined up along the spine and in the head of the material body. The chakras are located:

  1. at the tailbone
  2. on the spine near the top of the pelvis
  3. on the spine near the solar plexus
  4. on the spine near the heart
  5. in the neck
  6. in the center of the head near the forehead
  7. at the top of the skull

Each chakra has an important role for the exchange of information and vibrations between the bodies, e.g. a sensory perception of the material body will have an effect on the emotional and mental body. When the chakras are not functioning properly there can be problems with relaying some information, which can cause various problems, e.g. emotional problems when a human being cannot properly process physical contact because of a problem with the chakras. Also problems on the mental level can be caused, as the connection between the material sensory organs to the mental bodies can be disturbed. Many problems that show themselves in emotional or mental areas can be caused by chakra problems. These chakra problems can have various reasons, but most of the time it is an unbalanced spiritual development or karmic cause that disturbs the harmony of the chakras and the bodies. There are some healers that can help with such chakra problems, but the underlying problems need to be solved, because without solving the causes the problem will either persist or be moved to another area. The only way that leads out of this problem area is the Path of Light, because only this way the causes can be completely dissolved. For minor disturbances of the chakras the chakra exercise in chapter 4.2 can offer some help and flush out the causes so you can work them out. It is important to look at these problems in a holistic way, because when the causes get ignored they will continue to disturb the balance of the human being. Therefore regular light work (as shown in chapter 4) is necessary to overcome the disturbances, solve their causes and to prevent a shifting of symptoms.

In case of serious disturbances of the harmony of the chakras persistent spiritual work is necessary, but with a lot of regular light work even these can be solved. In some cases it may take years, or even decades, in extreme cases it could be more than a lifetime, until the causes and their effects on the chakras and the bodies are dissolved and harmony is restored.

* = The third eye is a non-material sensory “organ” that can perceive the astral world. In most humans, this third eye is closed and needs practice and spiritual development for opening and cleansing its pathways, to allow perception. It is linked with the chakra system. Through this link it is possible to perceive higher vibrations, like those from the higher bodies and other astral beings. The degree of how much the third eye is opened is not necessarily a sign for the spiritual level of a human being.

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