Address of February 4, 2011: 2012 – changes, time-lines

By Archangel Michael
Be greeted, dear friends on earth! The time has come to bring your preparation for the Age of Aquarius to a new level. As we can see, there are many among you who are feeling lost, who are feeling restless, and who fear the future. Indeed there are so many who believe that what they call “apocalypse” is near, although we keep reminding you that what is to come near the end of 2012 is not the end of the world, but rather a new beginning.
Yes, it is true that Mother Earth has begun with the early stages of labor for her rebirth, which is why you can see strange weather all over the planet. While some see this as part of cyclical weather changes, indeed this much more related to the global changes as a result of changes in the energy field of Earth.
Throughout this year and even more so in 2012 you will most likely see more extreme weather phenomenon, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes in areas that were thought to be without risk. In a way, Mother Earth is adjusting to the ongoing changes, and this will show more and more on the physical plane. However, there is no “end of the world” scenario coming, instead we are reaching the misinterpreted “end of times”.
What this really means is that Earth returns to the cosmic time-line, as many thousands of years ago Earth became separated from the cosmic time-line – indeed, as shocking as that may sound, all life on Earth was destroyed in a very distant past – but a higher intelligence decided to “undo” this destruction, although it meant that Earth was out of tune with the correct time-line of the cosmos.
This time-loop is coming to an end, which also explains why the Maya decided to draw their calendar only up to the end of that loop, as they foresaw this return to the correct cosmic time-line. They were much in tune with the spirit world and higher intelligence, which explains their high level of knowledge.
You may wonder what I am referring to when I say “higher intelligence”. Well, you are not the only intelligent beings in the universe, and there are beings on other planets that are much farther developed, who have decided quite a few times in the past to assist mankind, when the time and the conditions were right. However, due to their higher intelligence these extraterrestrial brothers and sisters prefer not to intervene unless absolutely necessary and to allow mankind its natural development as much as possible.
There is nothing to fear, either from these extraterrestrials or from the global changes – Earth is undergoing changes, and mankind as well, and you will also see many more changes concerning many of the topics that currently dominate the news media – more governments will fall, revolutions will continue all around the globe, as this feeling of restlessness and much-needed change manifests not only in the individual but also on a larger scale.
However, what is important is in which direction mankind will proceed in this most delicate and most important period of its history. In the end, this will show the true character of mankind, but what is important for each and every one of you who reads these words: What part are you playing in this? Are you sending out thoughts of fear or even anger? Or are you assisting in sending light, in projecting peace, in promoting harmony for society? Remember, you are part of mankind – at least for the duration of this lifetime! As such, you have a responsibility to BE that part to the fullest, and project what you feel is right, and work actively for creating a better society, a more human humanity – putting sense into the word, “human”.
Be greeted, and be blessed. Amen.

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