Address of May 7, 2015: Start Changing Within

by Archangel Michael

Be greeted once again, dearest friends on this planet Earth! The time has come to speak again to the community of followers of this website. We realize it has been long awaited, but due to a number of circumstances the time had not been right. Now it is with even more joy that we come to you, as messengers from the highest realms. Above all, let me reconfirm that we are with you, and that lots of blessings, lots of positive energy, are flowing towards mankind, to help with its spiritual growth, as well as with adapting to the new era that has risen. As you all have now arrived in the era of Aquarius, which is, as has been foretold by us for quite some time, is not a sudden abrupt change, but rather a transition to a higher level of consciousness. This transition takes time, and just as mankind had to prepare for this transition for close to three hundred years, it will take almost that long before the transition is complete. What some have noticed, due to the arrival in the new era there is a very slight shift in consciousness among mankind, lots of unrest, many are seeking answers, truths are coming about, injustices are being revealed. Although you have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg, and in some areas of the world the changes appear negative, things have been stirred up, and some of what you might call “evil” has to come to the fore in order to be exposed and resolved. Yes, there is conflict, war, starvation – but it is up to mankind to learn to deal properly with these challenges. It is no coincidence that these events are happening, and that what you may see as evil, such as power-abusing dictators, improper distribution of material wealth, wars and a lingering second Cold War, this is all part of the purification process. Things often have to worsen before they can improve – this is due to human nature; you are much too used to certain conditions, and unless things worsen, you are just accustomed and not appalled, and in order for mankind to take action, things need to be much more obvious, appalling, shocking. None of what is happening is punishment from God – no, my dear friends, to the contrary, it is simply the result of cause and effect. Now don’t see it as if I am blaming you, however it is the basic mechanics behind everything, the cosmic laws, and one of the most important cosmic laws is the one of cause and effect. As you have not yet purged certain elements within mankind, such as envy, greed, and hatred, the changing vibration of earth is forcing mankind to see these issues more clearly, reminding you to work on these issues. And this is not to be seen as something external, even to those of you who think you are on the right path – you are part of mankind, and your contribution counts! Instead of looking outward to where conflict is on this planet, whether near or far, start with yourself, change your way of thinking! Start working on your own envy, when you think of someone richer than you. Start working on your own greed, when you think of winning the lottery or dream of a salary so high you would waste it on unnecessary items. Start working on your own hatred, when you think of those who have hurt you in this lifetime. What you see around you, on this planet, is a reflection of what is within yourself. You cannot change others – but you can change within yourself. Start there, and the world will change! It may sound too simple to be true, but it is true. Remember that you are part of mankind, you are part of the mosaic, and when you change, those around you will eventually change. And the process continues and this way YOU can change all of mankind. Yes, there are forces that go against you – but they are only as strong as you let them be. It is true that there are lower astral entities that fight to keep mankind down, even try to destroy it, but remember the most important message of all: Where there is light, there cannot be darkness. Be the light, be the change!


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