Address of Feb. 25, 2009: Final Phase, Sun

by Archangel Zadkiel

Be greeted, dearest friends on earth! I come to you on this day, as it is my task to assist mankind in its spiritual development, and now is a time that is of utmost importance to you all who are incarnated at this time. As such, it is my duty to speak to you today, and advise you that a few days ago it has begun – what we see as the final phase of the transition has started. This began with an increased energetic activity of the sun, although this may not yet be measurable by your scientists, it will become more obvious as this increase continues almost exponentially, until reaching its peak near the end of 2012. Although within the final phase there will be various steps, the first one was the beginning of the increased solar energy activity. Some of the more sensitive humans may be able to sense this, feel more restless, others simply begin to behave more irritable, as this is also inner restlessness. As this energy output increases, you may find it harder to concentrate, as well as to meditate. However, dear friends, I am not giving you this message to create concern, rather to prepare you, as my advice to you is to now find the time to meditate daily, or at least do some form of lightwork daily, as this helps to counter this effect it has on the mind and psyche, and you can even begin to make good use of this energy. You may wonder, why this output of energy? Well my dear friends, this is needed for earth’s transition, for the transformation of its primary frequency, to modulate it to a higher setting, so that the next dimension can be entered as scheduled. So, as you are momentarily part of earth – all your body’s molecules are part of Mother Earth – and you are incarnated on this planet, this energy can also assist you as well, to work on your own preparation for the actual transition. When you learn to work with this energy from the sun, you can expand your awareness, your consciousness – this is a vital preparation for the transition. Some of you wonder, how much this transition will affect your daily life. From what I can see, it will effect it profoundly, yet this should be understood in a positive way, and those who learn to expand their consciousness will much more easily see and understand this. Be aware that material possession is an illusion, as you own nothing, all is of Mother Earth, and Mother Earth only. You can never own her, any thoughts of such nature are simply megalomaniac and irrational. You are only temporary guests on this planet, and it is time to understand this and treat Mother Earth accordingly. But this is just one of the many areas in your life that will be affected, yet I must say again, in a positive way. Mankind will have to come to senses to avoid extinction, but I do see this coming, as more are awakening, and this increased solar activity is helping – as this restlessness you feel within, is exactly the inner call to consciousness, the inner call to awareness, it is the driving force to guide you to spiritual growth and as such to your transformation, and being in tune with earth’s transformation, allowing you to enter the next dimension together with her. As such, this strange restlessness is not a negative side effect, but rather a wake up call to all those who are still sleeping, spiritually, as most are – even those who claim to be spiritual are often less spiritual than those who are unaware that they are. Now, dear friends, is the time to awaken, to begin your conscious spiritual path. Begin with daily lightwork, daily protections, and it would be highly recommendable to include meditation, walks and meditation in nature, yoga, and other forms of spiritual activity that helps you increase your level of energy, expand your inner light, be more in harmony with yourself, with your soul, and help you process the past so you can leave it behind, and proceed into the future, living, being, fullest in the present. This is an exciting time to be alive, to be incarnated, appreciate the life you have, realize that this is a chance that will not be repeated soon, so make the best of it, my dear friends! Be aware you are not alone, there are many on your side, in flesh and in spirit, although you may not be aware of this. You have friends on your side, always. Amen.

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  1. Doubts, Fears, these are things that interfere with Faith and Believe.Nowdays with the chaos of our world we naturally question the future. We always try to find the answers outside of ourselves but if we take some time from everything that is happening around us and take a look inside of us we might find the answers we desperately need. Let’s not lose our Faith in God, our Belief that God will provide. Sometimes the answers won’t hit us on the face but they might appear in subtle ways and we don’t see them. In this transition we are going through we have to ride with the waves that are coming not go against them. We let the waves of energy carry us where we should go and totally believe that at the end is a new beginning for all of us. Now more than ever we have to turn to compassion, flexibility and give up our old beliefs, be patient and understand that change is coming and we have to accept it, if we do the transition will be a time to celebrate our evolvement as a human race and not grieve for the past. See the future through the eyes of Faith and see how blessed we are to be here being part of this wonderful change that will make us stronger and wiser. See one another as one, extend your hand and your heart to the lost and the needy and let your soul ride the wave of change. Believe, have Faith in our God, allow His Love to be our light and follow it, trust it, love it. Thank you God, embrace us and please help all of us remember who we are and our purpose in this lifetime

    1. Put very nicely Thank You
      When I feel Death coming all I can do is ride the tide out.and pray my family is out of harm way.for example three days ago I felt I watch the News a very bad car wreck happen and Four people Die.I didnt no who or where it was just death.Then I felt a Stabbing take place once again I didnt no i watch the new and a man was stab
      my husband think i am
      I guess what I am trying to say here
      Is I feel and Hear things.before it happens
      But I don’t always know the people.and I cant stop Death from Happening just ride the tide out.
      And I hear my Father giving out His Blessing and I Understand who it goes to.
      I do not Claim to be a Psychic.
      so when it comes to riding waves I gotten real good at it.
      On one side I get the Peace and Joy from my Father and his son Jesus Christ
      on the other side I get Death and Sorrow.
      now a quite death
      peaceful death
      I can deal with
      But a Violent Death I do not Like the Negativity it brings
      I will deal with these Issues I have.
      Not to change the subject
      have you check out these web sits?
      [URLs & email addys removed]
      I did not give them any money.for there readings
      but i did take notes on the dates they gave?
      Oct 25 2009 did not come true as Pasqualina predicted
      they givin many dates
      and seem to be in a big hurry over this half moon
      and wanting me to send money befor the full moon.
      Once again I thank you
      Understanding is what I was looking for

  2. Many Psychic are talking about this period of time intense transit.
    Dose this period last three month?
    December though November 21 2009 though January 4 2010?
    I’m the type of person who seek for the Root of truth.But I was Mislead by some psychics.and in order to get more info i need to pay money.Yes my only concern Wining the California Lottery and picking the right Numbers.I believe that all things belong to God whom Created Heaven and Earth
    and it will return back unto Him.I study the twelve Tribes of Israel.and the Descendant
    I Believe that the World is Full of Negativity.and it can Influence People out look on Life and there surrounding and cause Communication Problems.I was Bless when Our Father sent a White Dove on which eat from my Hand.and everyone was Shock.Dove of Peace.God Love.In God I Trust.My Heart Belong to the Sun Which is the Son of God.I Respect those who Believe Differently.and I pray in my own Language and they Pray in There’s. I also Believe that No Matter how we all Fight the Battle of it be Spiritual of demon of Darkness.or the War in the Middle East.It will not Stop until The Heavenly Father Decides it enough and comes back and stop it.Until then My Father know I still be trying to win the Jackpot in the California Lottery.

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