15. – Birth And Death

The events birth and death have some similarities. A change of consciousness occurs for the soul, and we are dealing with the connection of a soul to a material body.

In the process of a soul connecting with a material body, already in the early stages there is a connection established. Already at the time of conception some aspects of the soul get bound to the matter, so that already at that time it is clear which soul is going to use that material body. The more advanced the pregnancy, the more the soul gets connected to the body, so that at the time of birth the requirements for the learning environment “life” have been established, and with the help of a “veil” the astral world and prior lives are usually forgotten. With birth, a new blank page has been opened in the book of life, a page that is, although new and blank, is based upon the past.

Pregnancy is an important and critical experience for life, because here the first experiences of the new life are made, even though most humans cannot remember this part because newer experiences replaced the memory of those. However, embryonic life is an important preparation for the soul, because at this stage the environment is experienced through perceiving emotional vibrations, sounds and movement.

Death is the opposite process to birth, the soul gets disconnected from the body. When it is time to leave the body, separation occurs which again is an important experience for the soul as now consciousness becomes aware of prior lives and it’s true identity as a spirit of the astral world. Also this process has various stages, similar to birth. With the exception of a sudden death (accidents etc.), usually several days before death the soul starts disconnecting, which is a time where the soul prepares to return to the astral world. This becomes intensified during the last hours before death, and at the point which is called death consciousness is freed from the material body. For the soul, this is like an awakening from a long, deep sleep. Similar to the entry of a soul into the body, this process is not finished with the point of “death”. Although consciousness at that time has left the body and has gone to the astral world, further disconnections of the soul will follow, as some aspects of the soul need to dissolve their anchors. This process begins within hours after death and is completed after two to three days.

In case of sudden death and in case of some deadly diseases it may be that a gentle transition of the soul into the astral world is not possible. This can have significant consequences. Damage to the material body through accident, murder, autopsy etc. has effects on other areas of existence, causing a burden to the soul. Guardian angels will help to limit this damage to the soul. Here I need to mention that cremation is not causing any harm if this takes place more than two days after death and the body has not been harmed in any other way (autopsy, embalming etc.). Freezing the body for conservation for autopsy or embalming at a later time has no negative consequences to the soul. (Freezing the body as in cryogenics is useless, as each soul will receive a new body and will have no desire to return to an old “revived” body, even if that was technically possible, especially since the soul may be long reincarnated at that time.)

I sincerely hope that my explanations of death and reincarnation have eliminated or at least reduced fear of dying. Also I hope that the meaning of pregnancy, from conception to birth, has become clearer.

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  1. Hi
    I sensed when my husbands previous wife was dying of cancer that she was slipping away. It was strange sensation like dropping down suddenly in small stages. I saw her walking away into the light and felt that if I let myself drop too far with her, I might be able to come back so I broke the link. I think I was help her open the door into spirit or perhaps she was clinging onto material life by using me in some way.
    I saw my grandmother leaving her body with our family already in spirit before she took her passing. She was 96 years old and dropping in and out of a comma. She was soooo happy to be travelling with her family and they were all smiling and encouraging Gran to go with them just by holding out their hands. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before she went home forever. As upsetting as it was, it was wonderful to know just how much she was loved and how welcomed she was into spirit.
    My other Gran was 87 when she died, I wasn’t there sadly and should have been, but I didn’t listen to my feeling to call my aunty although something was pulling me to do so. I saw my Gran at the funeral though. There was bright blue light hovering in front the coffin for the whole service, I think Grandma was at her own funeral.
    When Aunt Annie took her passing again I wasn’t there. But had been compelled to give her a message a few weeks before her death about walking along a river and crossing a bridge to meeting her family on the other side. I said they’d take her to a lovely family party and they’d have so much fun together. Three days after her funeral I heard Nana call out “Its true”. She was telling me what I told had actually taken place.
    I had to have my pony put down some years ago as he was in a lot of pain. I sat with a friend when they took him from me and her dogs quite by our suprise calmly came and sat in front of me. When the moment came the dogs sat bolt upright as if they’d heard the moment and I saw Danny prancing towards me as in his own myschevious way. Even though Dan had been put to sleep the only person he came to was me. I was told later he wouldn’t go into spirit with anyone else and in a dream I was allowed to take Dan to a gate and take off his head coller to set him free. I couldn’t of course go with him into the other field, I remember him trotting away up the field happy as larry as he always did. He comes to me when I call him and I was told he’ll carry me home into spirit when the time comes. Dan wasn’t always an easy horse to ride, so I hope he doen’t buck too much when the time comes, I haven’t ridden for 16 years now and will be a bit rusty by then, hahaha.
    So you can see the energies and light of spirit when you are on the earth plane if your love is strong enough.

  2. And what with transplantation – is it cousing any damage to the soul after death?

  3. Re: transplantation
    Answer from Emmanuel:
    Although humans have evolved to such practices as organ transplants, this is not the intended design by the Creator, as organ transplants bring much more than a possible extension of life span. Every organ bears an energy imprint, this imprint is transferred into the recipient. These energy imprints come mostly from unresolved emotions. Additionally, this removal of an organ does cause some harm to the donor, although declared clinically dead, some connection remains for up to three days. As such, the practice in some countries to cremate the body within 24 hours is not recommended, it is advisable to wait for 72 hours (three days) after death. At that point, organs could be removed but are no longer of medical use. However, if someone has undergone such procedure and has received someone else’s organ, a thorough energetic cleansing is highly recommended, as to not burden yourself with the energy imprint left from the previous owner of the organ.

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