1.1 – The Existence Of God

As a basis of all life we have to foremost understand that there is a reason for the existence of the universe and all life within it. Just as your scientists and your religions say, at the beginning there was only one. According to your scientists there had been a unity of original gases, a mixture of protons, electrons and neutrons. According to the bible, in the beginning there was “God”. Well, all this is right, at the beginning there was only one, the unity of the whole, also called “God”. But there is another basic law which we will deal with later in greater detail which says that there is a natural striving for broadening the consciousness, for reaching higher levels of awareness, a striving for experience. And therefore God created the universes, with all the galaxies with their solar systems and planets, and therefore the foundation for life on the planets was created. Thus, a balanced system was created by God with energy giving suns, which give the planets the right energy, and the planets were put on an orbit around the sun so they stay with the sun and all parts of the planets receive light in the predestined way. As the system of planets and the galaxies shows, with which precision and laws God created the world, you will be able to recognize that this perfection works throughout all of his creation. Also your physical body is a miracle, that God created, where so many building blocks work together in harmony to your service, and it is the same way with the animals, the plants and the minerals. All is life, all is harmony in itself and is part of a greater harmony, part of a greater life, of greater perfection, just as the cells of your body are put together by small parts, the molecules, which themselves are put together by atoms, and even these are put together by even smaller building blocks. All cells of your body result in your material body, which is, as we will see, also just a building block of your entire existence, and you are a part of mankind, which is part of planet earth. The earth is part of the solar system, the solar system is part of the galaxy, the galaxy is part of the universe, the universe is part of the total divine creation. What I am trying to tell you is not, that you are a small link in a long chain of building blocks, instead that you are an important part of the universe, which belongs to the whole and cannot be missing. And as God created the world out of himself, out of his own energies, you are also a part of God, like all of the creation around you. This is a very important point to recognize, because you have God inside of you, and even though you are a soul with your own will and individuality, you are still part of God.

Should you still have doubts about the existence of God, I want to tell you that it would not be possible to have this perfect universe without the guidance by an incredible intelligence, during its creation. Just alone the existence of this harmonic, detailed world, held together by perfect laws, is proof of the existence of God. Do you really believe that the world is a random “error”, as the scientists believe to be the cause for the “big bang”, the creation of the world? Do you believe, that further consequences of irregularities and errors caused the creation of the world and the evolution all the way to the creation of man? Your scientists say this. After the development of life, errors in the genes caused mutations and this is supposed to be responsible for the varieties of species. Do you not agree that this is even harder to believe than the targeted, planned development according to God’s laws? Even your scientists are more and more doubting, and some even started to believe in the existence of a leading force (God), because they have no explanations for the development any longer.

But what is God? He is not only the creator of the worlds, the leading hand in the development of life, the universe’s legislature, but much more. He is EVERYTHING that exists, and in the core God is pure energy, pure light, pure love, pure being. He is the beginning, he is the end, he is the present as well as the past and the future. Space and time are melted together with him, God is the force that keeps the universe together. Through his energies the world was created, and to him the energies will flow back, as they are part of him.

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  1. Hi,
    Would it be possible for you to make each of the works into its own separate, downloadable PDF? Barring that could you put each of the works in their entirety on its own HTML page that could be selected and copied?
    Either way, it would make it a lot easier to maintain focus on the contents of the text. It would also make searches for specific phrases much more straightforward.
    Thanks for posting Emmanuel’s writings..

  2. I don’t think it is fair to call this “God” him…or her for that matter. God is neutral–God is genderless and I think it humanises God when we make It female or male. I think it is okay to speak of God as Hindus do…by giving “names” or identities to “God” so that it is easier as a human to understand and speak of such an entity…but God is neither male nor female.

    1. Agreed, God is neither male nor female – neither one nor the other – but although genderless contains both. Since there is no good personal pronoun in the English language, thus the commonly used “him” was used.

  3. I have read through lot of writings on your website. I found it very interesting. Your belif is very similar to Sufi belifs. I am an Alevi and which is a mixture of all the religions in the world but mostly Sufism. I have read the Meditation and the channeling part on your website. It was very similar to Alevism the way they Meditate and channel to God. If you could watch this on youtube you would understand me much better:
    this is 4 parts of a documentray
    and watch this:
    this is 6 parts of another documentray
    As you can see we channel by moving or (dancing) to God.

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