1.2.1 – The Illusion Of Matter

Before God created the world, there was only energy. Matter came out of energy, the relation between matter and energy was also brought to you by Albert Einstein’s famous formula:


Energy equals mass or matter, with the relation of a constant factor. Energy and matter can therefore be exchanged (this is the basis for nuclear power plants). Therefore the basis of all matter is energy, and when we look at matter’s smallest ingredients then even your quantum physics has realized that matter in essence is nothing else than energy that has been arranged in a certain way. On an atomic level the building blocks of matter is almost completely empty, as your scientist have discovered, too. An atom really consists only of energy which moves reacts in such a way, that in combination with other atoms it appears to be “firm” matter or “mass”.

This means, and Einstein’s formula points to this, that matter or mass is nothing else but energy, which shows itself in a special way to form this physical world that you know. However this means that what you call matter is only an illusion, because it is not as firm as you normally assume. The “firm” matter consists of “emptiness” and twirling energy, which can change its state and loose its apparent firmness. Even though the condition of this illusionary world is very useful so you can live your life on earth and to give it a certain structure, a frame, that gives apparent limits, it is necessary to become aware of its consistence for not falling into a wrong belief about matter. Material things are useful in your life, but only as long as they serve their purpose, and your purpose of life is not turned towards the
material. But we will discuss the purpose of life at later point. For now we just want to realize, that the apparent matter is useful for your life, a tool, given to you by God – and it is not the purpose of your life to accumulate material things, which are just an illusion and would be of no use for you after leaving your material body (i.e. what you call death).

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  1. It is only the walls of time we have yet to climb “collectivley”, matter as all of energy is also already influenced by “our” willpower. Time is energy too, the question is why is it so distinct and difficult to control, is control essential to have power over something? i think not. Of bigger importance is soullink, into one, allignment of all for we are one, united and scattered. Its our curse, its far from current science yet its reality. Willpower of many or few strong ones is able to form energy into life, life being time and matter and feelings. therefore many also blindly believe in the power of love, which is in fact will, will currented into one. The power of one is endless, yet so unachievable. God is I, I being we, we being all in one. Strife will never get us there because it brings us out of balance which is essential to climb further, evolvement is nihil, I am very sad about this. im very sorry. curse of/for laughter?

  2. I always sensed , the feeling that there is more than our early introdoctronating leads us to beleive. I started this time space adventure on aplantation settingin South Carolina, USA in the early Forties. My Mother chose to exit this adventure early, at age 32 ,when I was age 1 The EXPLORATION of the USA and the cultures it enfolds, has provided me the motivation to explore cultures beyond the allusions of National and International and Interdiminitional, possibalities, in the experiences I have witinisse health restored in extreme cases, . I was drawn to Turkey, in 2002, i attended my first Field Research on Culture diversity, and found ,We are all comprised of the identical DNA Blueprint,The thems that unfold,each moment is layered with blessings beyond the allusions our ego ,presents, I’m grateful for this education center you provide it validates my knowing, We hold the Keys to Heaven on Earth. as we project Heaven to the Universe it reflects it back to us.So lets Intend Heaven here and now. by wave lenghts of Heart centerd Uncondtional Love. in aplication. moment by moment.
    Evelyn Tyson. Woodson.
    Love Ambassador to Izmir Turkey- Valrico Florida USA

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