Address of Oct. 23, 2008: Transition – Reality

by Emmanuel

Be greeted, dear brothers and sisters on Earth! Many blessings to you, especially at this time, where you begin to realize that what have been talking about all these years is actually starting to happen. While at this time there are still many who doubt all or most of what we teach, as you are reading this, you may be one of those who begin to wonder if all this is for real – the transition, the new era, the higher dimensions, communication with spirits, afterlife – all this has been more a matter of belief so far, but more and more events will show that it is not just mere belief, but your true reality. While quite a few believe in reincarnation, in the transition and the new era, in channeling and reincarnation, so far it has only been belief. But as you can begin to see, we are not just theory, we are for real. Yet you may also wonder, what real is. And this will even more so be the case, the further the transition progresses. While those who are prepared for the transition – whether it be through spiritual work in previous incarnations, or in this one – will begin to see the true face of the new era with all its beauty and fantastic new opportunities and advances, with its peaceful and harmonic coexistence with Mother Earth, others, who reject the transition and the changes it brings, will have a different reality. It will be even more so obvious, that each one of you is the creator of his and her own reality, as what is reality will begin to differ more and more, depending on your reflectance or acceptance of the transition. You can literally chose to live in a world that many of you might call “paradise”, while others will see the same planet as a very different place, in worst cases, to them it will be what they fear most, the inferno. While this is all part of the transition, you may wonder how it is possible to have such different perception of reality. It is not merely a matter of perception, but that of consciousness. When you are prepared to go with Earth to the next level of existence, to the next higher dimension, you will simply perceive this, and see this “paradise” world. Yet when you are rejecting the changes and remain in your fear-based reality, you simply remain on that level and have a different perception due to where your consciousness is. This may still be difficult to understand, so allow me to compare this to a radio. You are all tuned to the same channel, as it is the only one in your area, and you all see Earth more or less the same way. But along comes a new radio station. Unless you tune into it, you can not listen to it, you keep with the old channel, which is getting worse and worse, and will cease to exist, eventually, as the new channel has replaced the old one. So unless you tune to the new channel, you cannot perceive it, and are stuck with the old one. Open your mind to the new channel, the new era, the transition, and tune in to the higher consciousness, dear brothers and sisters! Now is the time. Unite with others, to meditate together, to do light work together, to give each other healing energies, to channel, to read spiritual texts. Whatever you feel is right, but it is best to do so in groups, as the energy gets a lot stronger for you then, and you can benefit much more. Allow yourself to follow the path you already chose long before you were even born. You are here for a reason, and you are reading these words for a reason. Feel within, feel what is right for you, and follow through. Become active, not just agree with what is written, but take the appropriate action. Now is the time. Be greeted, and be blessed, my friends. Amen

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  1. Inspiring! That gentle and loving voice soothed me while reading about the transition which sounds pretty hairy. I have read Emmanuel’s messages on and off for years.
    Emmanuel thank you for all the work and care that hearing you offers. I am trying to connect and believe that Orin is my guide. Let me know if I am led to the light. Love, Bennie

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