Address of Jul. 17, 2007: Truth

by archangel Michael

Be greeted, my dear friends on earth! As I come to you on this day I bring you anew blessings from the Lord, these energies that I transmit to you are given for you to reach greater clarity as well as help you find YOUR truth. Yes, these energies are of a quality that reacts with your mental energies, to harmonize them – thereby giving you clearer thoughts, as well as widening your awareness, your consciousness, leading you to the truth within, that has been with you all your life, to allow you to discover new dimensions of the wealth that is already inside of you. So many seekers on spiritual paths look outward, look for guidance, for teachers, for gurus, priests or shamans or similar human beings. Those human beings however can only provide you with their truth, and often fail to guide you to your truth. You may wonder, what could be the difference, you may think there can only be one truth. In the core essence of all, there is only one truth, divine truth. But while incarnated, you will find out that what you consider to be truth, changes with time, or rather, it changes with your development. The more you advance on your spiritual path, the more you discover, allowing you to see other angles to what you previously thought to be the whole picture, thus giving you a different truth. But even the highest developed gurus will only be able to give you their truth. While some of them may truly be far developed and be able to give you a truth that is getting close to the divine truth, it still is a filtered truth, and their truth. But all that matters, is your very own truth, because what you perceive of truth is what reflects your image, your picture, of the world you live in. While the truth your mind provides may be less than ideal, it is what matters to you now, and even when you hear someone else’s truths, you will only accept it as your truth if it matches your truth – whether it is the truth your mind already established as such, or it harmonizes with your inner truth. While the mind’s truth may only be an illusion, it is part of you, and part of your process to reach your goal of enlightenment, or at least the intermediate goal of spiritual growth. It is good to become aware what truth is, as only on such a level of awareness where you can see the truth about truth, can you reach the levels of awareness that allow you access to your core inner truth – divine truth. You get closer to this inner core truth when you get in contact with your higher self, whether this may be through meditation or another “moment for the soul”, which can be as simple as standing by the ocean, a lake, a forest – or just a tree – and simply observing nature, relaxing your mind, letting your soul fly. These moments – or by more disciplined moments such as meditation – guide you little by little, step by step, to your inner truth. This is a vital process for your spiritual development, and do not fear this – it only brings you greater clarity and more peace about things in life, about the way life is on this planet. There is a reason for everything to be the way it is, while you may not know the reason, simply allow the inner core truth speak to you. And to assist you in this process, I am here, sent by the Lord, to help you, and thus, I bring you the blessings I bring you on this day, when you read this, and focus on my presence – and I will be there, raise my arms to allow the blessings to flow to you. Amen.

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