Address of Apr. 01, 2002: Inner Growth

by Archangel Michael

Greetings to you, my dear friends on earth! I have come to you on this day to bring you not only a message from the high realms, but also to bring you a gift from our creator, and it is a joy to bring you the blessings of the highest realms. I advise you to stop reading now, and do a protection with the divine light, and when you are prepared to open your heart, you may receive this blessing, where ever you are, when ever you read this, as such a request will be always honored by the angels and they will come to you to deliver this blessing.
It has been a while that we have spoken to you via this medium, as some processes needed to be completed and you all needed some time to go through a transition process. While the transition is still commencing and will do so for years to come, the time between your celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus and His the resurrection, i.e. the time between Christmas and Easter, was a time of intense energy changes. This has been a challenging time for many incarnate beings, yet different for each, due to the multiplicity of entities and souls.
The now starting phase has yet different attributes, it is a time of inner growth, of course there will be some challenges as well, which are needed and should be welcome as they bring you the inner growth your soul desires. Overall, however, these past months have been more challenging than the coming months will be for most humans. Other difficult changes will emerge later on as the spiral of inner growth goes on.
May you be blessed, dear friends, and greetings to you. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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