Address of Jun. 04, 2001: Earth Energy & Options

by Emmanuel

Greetings, my dear friends on the earth plane! As I speak to you on this day, a powerful entry phase is coming to an end, but not to stop, rather to remain as it is – as you may have heard, read or noticed, the first months of this year meant a change in earth’s energy field. This change, one of several steps in the transition of earth onto the next level, has now been completed – the effects of this will be noticeable for years to come. The longer you are in this new energy field, the more you will see what it means for yourself. As everyone may experience this in a different way, I cannot give you any details about what may or may not come or be experienced – also, my dear friends, because you are now at a stage where your actions, intentions and creative forces more and more shape what is to come for you, what I mean is that the future is even more in a flux than what it used to be, as time becomes less and less static and many find themselves at important turning points or crossroads of their lives, where each decision leads to different paths for you. This is a bit different from what it used to be, as in former centuries most humans were guided back one way or another to their path, but here I see less of “the” path but rather multiple options and possibilities. So, center yourself and listen to your soul, so you can find and follow “your” path. In hope that I expressed myself clearly enough to be fully understood, I send you my greetings! Amen. Amen. Amen.

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