Address of Feb. 18, 2001: Unconditional Love

by archangel Michael

Greetings, dearest brothers and sisters on the earth plane! Many blessings to you! I am joining you today for a message about some aspects of unconditional love. While this has been previously discussed, there are some further aspects I want to add today.
Most of you are probably aware that unconditional love is a spiritual aspect, one which represents acceptance and appreciation, devotion and oneness, and goes well beyond the common concept of human love. However, the term love is the closest available in this language, so unconditional love refers to the spiritual quality of love. Beyond what has been previously mentioned, I find it important at this time that you realize that unconditional love can and needs to be expressed now, as it is the time of entry into the new age, and unless you learn to apply unconditional love to your life and path, you will find it very hard to move on into the next dimension, the next level of awareness. Unconditional love needs to become part of your daily life, in many areas of it. Practice to live with it every step of your life, and you shall see significant and positive changes for yourself, at this time I do not want to reveal what wonders may happen, as you need to experience and express unconditional love unconditionally, i.e. without looking at some goals of why you want to apply it, other than your spiritual growth. Blessed be, my dear friends! Amen. Amen. Amen.

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