Address of Feb. 06, 2000: Meaning of Blessings

by archangel Michael

Greetings, dear friends on earth! I come to you with the blessings from the Lord, which you shall receive when you open your heart, when you allow the blessings to come to you and join your energies. What is described as blessings has lost its true meaning when you examine what you perceive as “blessings”. This word has been used carelessly, while it is meant to describe divine energy that is brought to man, mostly by angels, or given by the Lord directly. It is a very special energy, which is much more than what most brothers and sisters understand as energy. As it comes from the divine source, it is of very high frequency much beyond what man has discovered, and as such has qualities not found in any earthly energies. Most of you consider energy as a physical property that has a certain amount of force, and no life to it. What I refer to, is quite beyond this physical term “energy”, as the force of a “blessing” is indescribable and infinite, just as the source, our creator. This energy is not “dead” either, it is a live force, capable of adjusting and adapting with divine intelligence contained within. This means for you that a blessing is not some energy that you can use for what you choose, but rather a force that works according to the universal laws and by the creator’s plan. It cannot be tricked or coerced into fulfilling someone’s personal wishes – wisdom is part of this energy, thus it can “only” assist you in following the plan your soul chose before coming to this life on earth, or following the cosmic, universal laws and principles. As such, however, it is a force that is unimaginable, as it is, when used for this purpose, infinite in power. Another important aspect of a “blessing” is that is much more than an energy source with wisdom, which in itself is so magnificent that most humans find it hard to believe, but the Lord’s blessings also contains universal love, the power to forgive, and the value of non-judgmental righteousness – which in itself is a concept that is difficult for the mind to accept. Receiving a blessing means receiving unconditional love from the creator, it is a gift, a present, that should be cherished and valued, and if you want to accept it, this shall be done with a pure and open heart, to allow this energy to merge with you. A blessing is not necessarily a temporary condition, but can be a gift for life, when it is accepted and allowed to work through you, as it will be replenished as needed – allowing it to “dry out” will cease the connection with the source. Cherish the moment, cherish the time of intense blessings coming to earth and mankind, allow yourself to accept the gifts brought to you by the Lord’s messengers. Greetings, dear friends, and blessings to you! Amen. Amen. Amen.

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