Lesson 12: Focusing on the Heart

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, my dearest friends of the earth plane! In this message to you I would like to bring your attention to the meaning and importance of focusing. I can see that many have been searching for a long time for something they cannot even describe with words, but it is part identity searching, part driven by an inner urge, part intuition, and part spiritual guidance. Many have tried various ways to find their truth and trying to put an end to their soul search, depending on where you live you may have tried to find answers to your inner questions through the traditional religion of your region, or reached out to other religions, you may have gone to various groups and groupings, psychics and maybe even fortune tellers, healers, doctors, pastors, medicine men or who ever seemed to you to be a person who should know the answers. Where ever you go, you may have found that the answers can be similar, but also quite contradicting. We have talked about these contradictions before (Messages of Light on Dec. 06, 1998), but this is all part of your path so you may eventually find your way back home, to come to the realization that the answers are not somewhere out there, but within you. Your soul has gone through many incarnations and has learned so much that you can hardly believe, but all this knowledge is within you. However, it is not the knowledge about all what you have learned that is of importance, it is the effect these experiences had on you, and what you can learn from these effects. This is what makes the soul grow spiritually. You have already advanced significantly, otherwise you would not have been permitted to incarnate on this planet and at this time. Souls are waiting “in line” to receive an incarnation on earth during this time of transition. Therefore, you need to realize that it is not the others that can give you advice, it is your very own soul along with your spirit guide. Of course, feel free to search around some more, until you realize that the others are not really any richer in knowledge and wisdom. My dear friends, have you ever experienced that you knew as a fact that what you were told was something you have never been told before in this lifetime, yet it sounded strangely familiar and made perfect sense to your heart? Of course, the mind will want to have proof and will doubt the truth, but that is the nature of this instrument of examination. Now, my dearest friends, it is time to focus on what you have already learned from your experiences (I am not referring to the accumulation of knowledge) and to focus on the heart energy, which is your best guide for it is your connection to your soul. Focus on how you feel in your heart, practice this as often as you can, and this can open up a gateway to your own soul, therefore to the best connection to the spirit world. I can write many things for you here on these pages, they are useless if you cannot experience the truth by simply connecting with your soul. With patience and persistence you can learn to establish this contact, and then you will wonder how you ever did without. This can transform your life from being on the search for something you cannot even define, to pursuing what you always really wanted to do in this lifetime, which is something that almost everyone of you is unaware of. Most goals are very superficial goals, and the only way to find out what you really came to earth for is by connecting with your soul by connection with your heart. I suggest you practice this right now and sense if what I said feels right to you. If you cannot feel anything special about your heart, then you will need to practice more, be persistent but not tense, see it maybe as a game and play with this perception of sensing, and be patient with yourself. May the Light of the Lord be with you! Blessings to you, my dearest friends, until next time, may you learn to connect to your Self! Greetings! Amen. Amen. Amen.

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