Lesson 13: Importance of Lightwork for Earth

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, my dearest friends on earth! One aspect has not been dealt with in this series of teachings which is very important nevertheless. If you read the teachings from Emanuel, you found the exercise on how to send light to earth and humankind (Chapter 4.3). In this message to you, I would like to explore the importance of this exercise with you. Emanuel pointed out the meaning of this exercise, and how it is properly done. However, times have progressed and the importance of this exercise has changed. As it is with all things, mankind has developed during the last few years, but as you now are in the entryway of a new age, and the transition has begun, the role of this exercise is much less a general way to connect with earth and mankind and support their efforts in preparing. The time of preparation is coming to an end and is evolving into the time of transformation. The consequence is, that you may find it even harder to connect with earth due to the ever increasing changes, and therefore you may find it hard to keep up the pace and keep up with the modifications that have occurred – you may not be aware of any of this, but you simply find it hard to connect, to relate to earth and mankind. The before mentioned exercise can help you to re-connect. On the other hand, especially in this time where earth has to give birth to its own new existence, it is very helpful if you give her all the help you can. This will ease the transition – and in turn, ease it’s effect on you. One third aspect in this matter is, that any light you send out helps to combat the dark forces – which in turn can help you and others around you to feel less influence from temptation and evil. You need not fear the dark forces, for where there is light, there cannot be darkness. Be blessed and be filled with radiating white light! Blessings and greetings, Amen, Amen, Amen.

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