Lesson 27: Astral Traveling

by archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, dearest friends on the earth plane! It has been a while since we convened here, as all that needed to be conveyed to that time had been said. Now I wish to add additional information, as you progressed and earth and much of mankind are proceeding with the transitional processes. This allows us to reflect upon what has begun to happen, as your reality, and that, what you perceive as reality, is being modified. Just as a budding flower, you have risen and expanded, and are now beginning to unfold to your true potentials. Some of you have even already begun to explore your potentials, just as children explore the world around them. These potentials include what you call astral traveling and other abilities often called psychic or extrasensory perception. An increased interest in these and other “unusual” abilities has begun, which is the result of your inner drive to explore your increasing abilities. Some have wondered, what astral traveling is, and it can be briefly described as the temporary relocation of consciousness. As consciousness has no mass, it is not limited by the terms of physics, and can travel in an instant to any point in the universe, regardless of the distance. This consciousness can even manifest to the point of energy presence at that other location, and may even be perceived as physical presence by others who are at the other location. While the body remains at the original location, it may also be that these astral travels are not restricted to linear time. For others at the location of the body, it may be that only a few minutes pass, while the consciousness experiences a stay at an alternate location which appears to be for a much longer time, several hours, even days, could pass. As you explore the possibilities of this, don’t be surprised if you experience such incoherences with time, as time will become more relative to you, less statically linear. What this means, is that you may feel you were gone somewhere for much longer than what your watch or clock may tell you. You may already have experienced this in a less controlled fashion, as you may have had a dream, which gave you the impression that you experienced several hours in this dream, but you woke up and realized that you had only been asleep for a few minutes. This shows, that what your soul experiences as time, is something completely different than what physics and clocks describe. Dear friends, if you haven’t experienced astral travel, there is no need to worry, soon it will be more widely available to those that are open for these experiences, and it is important to remain calm, and patient, as well as “playful”. Many humans see their lives too seriously, such as an actor who becomes too involved with his role that he cannot distinguish between fantasy and his real identity. Now is the time to return to your true self, with faith in the power of God, and his aids, who are around you as guides and angels. Be blessed, dearest friends! Amen. Amen. Amen.

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