Lesson 32: Dissolving Karma

by Emmanuel

Greetings, dear friends on earth! I realize my words today are not for everyone, and I hope they come to you in a way that you may truly understand them. If they sound too strange, do not worry, that would be a common reaction of the mind.
It is now the time to put all your efforts into reducing your karmic load. Many humans on earth are still continuing to add to their karma, and are persistently refusing to work of what they have piled up – thus giving them the impression, that they are almost getting crushed by the tremendous pressure. This can not only lead to depression, but even to a point where the soul decides to let go of the body, which may be by either so-called accidental death (which really is just an arranged departure of the soul) or allowing the body and mind to go through with a suicide attempt. While none of these are pleasant to the soul nor to the friends and relatives of that human, it may be a necessary step to prevent further damage and piling up of much more karma. While all the laws that govern this are very complex – thus the question may come to you, why it is permitted for some individuals to create immense karma, and cause others to suffer – well, dear friends, there are also many instances where this suffering is not the result of someone creating new karma, but rather where individuals or large numbers of souls have made arrangements to finish up on some old karma, and relieve their karma through suffering – which may not be the best way to resolve it, but it is one possible way a soul may choose. This does not at all justify causing harm to others, of course, and other ways to relieve karma are preferable, some of which have been previously discussed. However, these laws of cause and effect, and karma, are the reason that these times seem so troublesome to most human beings on earth, because this is a time of cleansing, especially energy cleansing, thus karmic debt has to be released and dissolved, since karmic debt can be seen as an energy pollution of the human aura. Through the energy level changes of earth, old karmic debt is being released and brought into the open. Anyone resisting this revealing will cause great pressure onto him- or herself, because this has to come out for a continued stay on earth, otherwise the lack of harmony between the vibrational level of these humans and the level of earth will cause a stress which leads to expulsion of these souls from earth. I do not mean to sound harsh, but as previously mentioned, this is a time of cleansing. Those souls will get another chance – because God’s laws are justified and fair. Therefore, they will be given plenty of opportunities to incarnate, however not on this planet for some time, at least not until they have managed to raise their energy level to the appropriate level by following the Path Of Light, instead of the path of ignorance or denial. Anyone currently incarnated still has a chance to fulfill their mission – otherwise they would no longer be here – so they need to accept this opportunity and begin to work for their enlightenment by letting go of denial, faithlessness, rejecting and ignoring their chosen tasks – and turn their life around to build up their faith, to steadily work off their karma, to greatly reduce the amount of new karma, and walk on the Path of Light. It is not too late to turn around, but it has to be done now, if they want to succeed.
I greatly hope my thoughts put into words are understood as intended, they have passed my review but I cannot predict every reader’s mind’s reaction to what I have expressed.

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