Address of Nov. 28, 1999: Trust & Faith

by archangel Gabriel

Greetings to you, my dear friends! I have come to you today to speak to you about faith and trust. It appears to me that many humans have problems with these terms, and their realization. It is not just a problem of understanding, because to a sufficient level these terms are understood on a mind level, on a thought level, however there is more to faith and trust than understanding the words. They express a deep inner feeling, a feeling of comfort and reliability, the feeling a newborn baby develops to some extent in the bonding process when it connects with the mother, and feels secure, cared for, and well protected. During childhood and in adult life, most people loose this sense, this feeling, to a significant extent – some even completely, which leads to depression and disorientation. When I refer to faith and trust, which needs to be reestablished in mankind, I am referring to the bondage that connects you, your soul, to the spirit world, in a way unimaginable for many, as your soul is well cared for and protected by your spirit guide, your guardian angel, and many other helpers – and even more so, by the Creator. While many deny this bondage, it is the only reason you can be alive, in human form, on earth. Without your soul’s connection to your spirit friends, you would not survive a day on this planet. These may be strong words, but you have probably not seen what hard work your guardian angel has to continuously accomplish. As I do not want to create or feed any fear, I do not wish to discus any further all what your guardian angel helps you with, I would rather point out to you that your soul is trusting this assistant of the Creator who accompanies you each and every step of your life, who keeps you alive and well, as much as it is permitted and required for your tasks in life. While your soul trusts this guardian, why can not you do the same? It is time to begin the process of building up this trust, and to begin to live in faith. Faith is a feeling and attitude that must build up inside of you, as it is not as simple as to decide to accept it, although this would be the first, significant step towards establishing this faith. Yes, my dear friends, there are good reasons why I am addressing this issue at this time, and you will soon understand why I have chosen this today. Greetings to you, dear friends, may you all be blessed! Amen, Amen, Amen.

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