Address of Oct. 17, 1999: Worrying

by archangel Gabriel

Greetings, dear friends! It is so nice to be with you, to speak to you, and that you can receive my words. I see so many worries with so many people, that I need to talk to you about “worrying” today. Whilst this has been mentioned before, it seems very difficult to practice focusing on love and light, on hope and trust, on faith and patience. Worrying, much like fear, has the tendency to attract negativity, and that what one worries about becomes a reality, through the power of thought, that Emmanuel mentioned in the “Path of Light” in his chapter about thought. It may seem not very logical to you that you attract that what you worry about simply by worrying, but thought has a creative force to it, and can be used to create a negative situation, or a positive course of events – it is your choice, which way you want to go – but you need to realize that there is this force, so that you can make the decision that you really want to make, not just based on your mind’s struggling thoughts to understand and comprehend your situation. Turn your life around, not by ignoring danger or risks, but by realizing that worry is a strong force, which does little to help you in your situations, and definitely does not bring solutions to your problems. While I talk about having faith instead, and using the white light to dissolve fear and worry, it must be noted clearly that using light work will not work to force certain events to take place, or not take place. As earth transforms, and this has been widely noticed with the increased activity of earthquakes recently, as these earthquakes continue to grow in magnitude and frequency, these events cannot be halted through light work. Those living in high risk areas need to realize that they are not located at a safe location, and waiting for an angel to appear visibly in front of them to tell them audibly to leave will most certainly be not the wisest decision. We have spoken warnings on numerous occasions, that natural disasters will increase, and that living in high risk areas is not advisable. While the effects are world wide, they will naturally be most severe in such areas most prone and known to you as such. Learn to listen to your heart, and you will find it telling you when you need to leave – don’t ignore such signs and ways of your soul to communicate with you, learn to listen, learn to observe your body, your feelings, and I am not referring to emotions, but the fine sensations, within and around, inside your aura, that you can learn to observe. Now is the time to do so, as the wonderful age is beginning to open, awaiting your readiness to expand your consciousness as it develops around you. Be blessed, my dear friends. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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